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Wellness Packages

We offer the following special Wellness Packages for those have specific problems to be addressed but may not require extensive medical treatment. For those who have some underlying medical condition, medical treatment for the same may have to be undertaken either prior to or simultaneously along with the specific wellness package. All these Special Wellness packages are based on authentic ayurvedic therapies and designed to give excellent results. Consultation with our doctor before and after the therapy is included in the package.


This package is designed to alleviate stress and associated physical, physiological and mental health problems. The therapy protocol is tailored to help the body and mind to relax completely.It will be very useful for individuals who feel stressed and have stress induced problems insomnia, physical and mental fatigue, irritability, digestive disorders, headaches and other stress induced physical manifestations of stress.

Overall it will be a completely relaxing and energising regimen.

The protocol will include Abhayanga, Dhara and Tarpanam.

Each treatment session will be for about 2 hrs

9 DAYS spread over 3 weeks, 3 days at a time.