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Wellness Packages

We offer Special Wellness Packages for those have specific health problems that needs to be addressed but may not require extensive medical treatment. Those who have underlying medical conditions, may have to be given medical treatment for the same either prior to or along with the desired Wellness package therapy regimen. All the Special Wellness Packages incoporate authentic ayurvedic therapies and are designed to give excellent and evident results. Consultation with our doctor prior to and post therapy is included in the package. All Wellness packages recommend therapy sessions on a continous and every day basis, to get maximum desired results. Diet and lifestyle counselling by our doctor is included in all the packages.


Psoriasis is a very troublesome, unsightly and difficult skin disease to treat. Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disorder with many individuals suffering lifelong with this skin problem, inspite of trying various prolonged and expensive treatments.Most treatments are at best aimed at controlling the spread of this skin disorder, often with limited or no success.Many individuals who have been put on long term steroid based treatments suffer the risk of serious side effects of such treatments.

We offer specialised ayurvedic treatment for Psoriasis with established and proven results. Our treatment regimen is designed for reversing and even curing psoriasis completely, with other concomitant long term health benefits, improved physical appearance and increased self confidence and self esteem

Our treatment protocol for Psoriasis is a structured 40 day regimen with a schedule of therapies at our clinic,internal medicines at home,and a customised diet chart to be followed,interspersed with periodic review of disease remission progress and effectiveness of therapy, by our doctors.

The therapies incorporate among other protocols, Abhayanga with medicated oils and Vamana Virechana.

Our treatment protocols are completely safe have consistently produced excellent and evident results in terms of remission and curing of psoriasis.