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Wellness Packages

We offer Special Wellness Packages for those have specific health problems that needs to be addressed but may not require extensive medical treatment. Those who have underlying medical conditions, may have to be given medical treatment for the same either prior to or along with the desired Wellness package therapy regimen. All the Special Wellness Packages incoporate authentic ayurvedic therapies and are designed to give excellent and evident results. Consultation with our doctor prior to and post therapy is included in the package. All Wellness packages recommend therapy sessions on a continous and every day basis, to get maximum desired results. Diet and lifestyle counselling by our doctor is included in all the packages.


This package is designed to provide relief from all TYPES of body pain, muscle pain, joint pain, backache, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

The treatment protocol will include Abhayanga,Kizhi, Nadi Swedhanam, Avagha, Janu Vasti, Pichhu and hot packs.

Each treatment session will be for about 90 minutes.