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It is a composite Ayurvedic regimen which incorporates five types of therapies. Panchakarma is primarily aimed at detoxifying, strengthening and rejuvenation.

Yes ! It will also help in prevention of disease, maintaining and improving good health, rejuvenation and anti ageing.

It depends upon the diagnosis by the doctor and the health condition of the patient. Typically, treatments will be between 7 and 21 days.

The diet plan recommended is customised for each patient.It is usually practical rather than restrictive. Following the recommended diet plan during and post therapy is important for effectiveness of the therapies and mainatining the benefits accrued from the therapies.

No. At present ours is a day care centre.

Usually, one therapy session will take around two hours. Sometimes it maybe for an hour, but one therapy session will normally not exceed three hours.

Not always. Often the prescribed panchakarma therapy is good enough for restoring good health. Post therapy medication is usually required to treat chronic or serious health problems.

Yes ofcourse!, but that depends on the particular health problem of the patient.

Yes,we have.Apart from recommended therapies, internal medicines will also need to be taken.

Yes, but only after prior intimation and consultation with the Ayurvedic physician. Suitable Ayurvedic medicines and dosages will be prescribed by the ayurvedic physician.

In any system of medicine , self medication is not recommended.It would be advisable to consult the ayurvedic physician before taking any other medicines.

No. Massages are only one aspect of Panchakarma therapy. Panchakarma incoporates many other regimens also.

Trained therapists of the same gender will do the massage.

Yes, post treatment diet plan and life style recommendations are part of the treatment.

No, not necessary. A customised diet plan for each person will be given.

Not necessary, unless your particular health condition demands it.You can go about your normal routine, but without unduly straining yourself.

No it does not.It also depends on the individuals health condition. More often than not, remarkable results are seen in a relatively short time.


Yes ,but depends on the specific problem.

Yes, we do.

Yes, we do have therapies which give excellent results.

Yes, we have proven and very effective treatment regimen for Psoriasis.

Yes, we have therapies for other skin diseases too.

Yes, we have.

Yes, we do.

Yes, we do.

Yes, most certainly they are safe and very effective.