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Wellness Packages

We offer the following special Wellness Packages for those have specific problems to be addressed but may not require extensive medical treatment. For those who have some underlying medical condition,medical treatment for the same may have to be undertaken either prior to or simultaneously along with the specific wellness package. All these Special Wellness packages are based on authentic ayurvedic therapies and designed to give excellent results. Consultation with our doctor before and after the therapy is included in the package.


This package is designed to restore a feeling of robust internal health and improved external appearance. The resultant internal health benefits and improved external appearance in terms of skin moisture, texture and glow will result in a sense of well being and youthfullness, relative to the age of individuals.

The treatment protocol starts with Rasayana Chikitsa primarily aimed at detoxification, followed by a series of customised Panchakarma treatments. Extensive body,face and hair treatments with special natural products will form an important part of the regimen.

Each session will last around 2 hrs.