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About Us

NEEVEDA is promoted by a group of highly successful professionals from diverse fields, who have come together to promote and propagate AUTHENTIC AYURVEDA, with the aim of making it available as the first choice for patients seeking medical treatment, preventive healthcare and holistic health care.

NEEVEDA has the objective of restoring Ayurveda to its original position as the primary line of medical treatment and not as an alternative system of medicine. Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine which has been practised in India over several thousand years and has now spread to many other countries also.

NEEVEDA offers established, tried, tested and authentic ayurvedic therapies for treating all kinds of health problems, preventive healthcare,holistic healthcare and wellness. NEEVEDA has the necessary infrastructure, facilities and expertise to offer authentic ayurvedic medical treatments for a whole range of diseases as well as holistic health care, preventive and wellness therapies.

NEEVEDA specialises in offering the entire range of Panchakarma therapies, including some special therapies which are normally not offered by other ayurvedic clinics. We believe in offering authentic and effective ayurvedic treatments combined with diet and lifestyle counselling for restoring good health, maintaining and improving health, increasing longevity and vitality, thereby enhancing overall quality of life.